About Me

I am a Product Generalist with a deep passion for the craft of Product Design, Product Management, and Product Marketing.

I started The Inductive Economy to learn more about the science and work done at some of India’s leading Science and Research Institutions.

I am a Founding Team member at Effortless, a Startup and SMB Neobanking Startup based out of Chennai.

Previously, I have had productive stints at EdCast, IIMA Ventures, and Psiog Digital.

I also volunteer with the iSPIRT Foundation. I am a part of their Policy Pillar.

You can connect with me here: Twitter | LinkedIn | Instagram

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The Intersection of Science, Research, Entrepreneurship, and Public Policy


Navigating the crossroads of technology, progress, and economics, The Inductive Economy delves into the essence of individual autonomy in a modern, innovative world.